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Reiki Level Three
Master Level

Reiki Level Three Training 

November 18-19 2023


( including £100 non refundable deposit)
















Body   Intuition   Universe   Truth

Shinpiden- The Mystery Teachings

Level Three is the final level of Reiki Training. This level is also known as the Master/Teacher level. You might have heard the term Reiki Master, but much like the previous levels of Reiki training, the Master level is not an ending where one is declared a Master. The Mystery Teachings of Reiki are very much another beginning in which the initiate chooses to build a long term relationship with the spiritual system called Reiki as well as endeavouring to master what it is to be both fully human and fully spirit.


A Portal Is Open...

The path of Reiki Master is one of understanding and revealing the mysteries of the Universe. How can a human understand the whole universe? Honestly, I do not think that one lifetime is enough to explore all the teachings that the Universe has to offer, but we can begin by cultivating a relationship with our own hearts, bodies and intuition to allow us to be conduits for the benevolent gift that is Reiki. Here is when we start to get a glimmer of understanding that Reiki is not something outside of ourselves, but rather a force which is in us and we are of it. Made from the same energy from which our universe arose.


“Nowadays inside and outside of living we need improvement and restructuring away from illness and suffering, many fellows have worrying mind out of illness and accident.

I dare to openly teach this method.” -Mikao Usui, Founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho


This level three training includes teaching from Western and Eastern Reiki Lineages to furnish you with a wide scope of inspiration and resources for continuing your own Reiki practice. Reiki level three enables the student to be able to teach Reiki to others.


Everybody is on a different path, healing and developing on our own specific timelines. There is no rush to start Reiki level three. However you may be ready if you have completed levels one and two, and have been engaged in your own practice for at least nine months and are regularly sharing Reiki with other people (not necessarily in a professional setting), as well as yourself.


During this training you will learn/receive/practise:

Theory and Practice connected with Western and Eastern Lineages

Further learning about the three founders of Reiki in the East and West

An overview of Reiki’s connection with world religions and spiritual paths

Introduction to Gyosei

Guidance on how to meditate and build a meditation practice

Various hands on/hands off healing techniques

Attunements and Reiju, plus how to share attunements and Reiju to others

The 4th Reiki Symbol


A detailed course manual which you can refer to time and again.

Tea and yummy light snacks during the course weekend.

Relaxation time

This course is compliant with the Reiki Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards. Some shorter courses (single day courses/ some online courses) do not meet with these requirements. Reiki Level Three enables you to work professionally in your own practice and teach Reiki.


If you wish to work with Reiki within the NHS or hospices you will need to register with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and complete their accreditation protocol. Material taught in this training will support you should you wish to apply for the CNHC Reiki qualification.


I am looking forward to sharing the inner teachings of Reiki with you and supporting you to develop your practice.  Transfer payments to Sarah Wheeler 04 00 04,  93055155 and notify Sarah of your name and email address.


Your place on the course is not confirmed until the £100 non refundable deposit has been paid.

No refund will be issued if cancelling your training with less than 10 days notice before the start date. If you have not paid your outstanding balance when cancelling with less than 10 days notice, you will be invoiced for the balance. The vendor reserves the right to pursue non-payment legally. Cancellations up to 10 days before the training will receive a 50% refund of the balance while the £100 deposit is non refundable.

Should you start the training and leave during the course, no refund will be issued.

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