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About Me

Reiki was a word that I had heard plenty of times over the years, but I had no idea of the tons of benefits Reiki could provide.

My first 'hands on' experience of Reiki was shared with me by a friend when I was twenty seven, a time when I definitely needed some TLC! I was recovering from a period of challenging emotions while taking the first steps in recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, alongside a traumatic breakup. My energy levels were lower than low, and my personal and professional life were suffering. At the same time, my loveless relationship with myself only amplified.

Sarah Wheeler

My friend grew up in the Far East, where Reiki is a well respected and commonplace method for aiding healing of physical and emotional pain. She offered to 'give me a bit of Reiki'. I am so grateful for her offer. She gently placed her hands on the back of my head while I was laying down. I felt an immediate sense of emotional relief that was warm, like golden honey and wonderfully comforting.

I was like, DAMN, this feels so right.

My journey with Reiki has been a gradual one.  Along the path I have risen up to alchemise the wounds of PTSD and illness. I am overjoyed to be able to share this healing, super calming energy through being a Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher.

A Little More About Reiki

Reiki can helps improve our physical, emotional and mental health. In addition, we live in a  society where being busy and burnout seem to be lauded social trends, as if being tired and wired is a good thing! So it's a great idea to turn to Reiki  as a method for slowing down, self soothing, and letting our whole being take a big fat rest.

For me, one of the most important hidden benefits of Reiki is the energy's potential to reconnect us with our deeper awareness for how our bodies really feel and what they really need. This can help us attend to our genuine needs rather than compensating our depleted energy with more work, more possessions, more drugs and  alcohol, more socialising and more social media. 


Reiki helped me to realise my wholeness, a solid foundation of knowing I am enough. I want that for you.

The Reiki Principles

Just For Today....

Do not be angry

Do not be worried

Be grateful

Do your work with diligence

Be Kind to others


"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making my Reiki journey such a beautiful experience. I'm really grateful that I found you in the Reiki world and was able to continue my Reiki journey with someone that I know embodies what she teaches " MJ- Brighton

"Sarah holds space beautifully. Her Divine Feminine workshop has put me back in touch with myself on a deep level. Attention to detail was intrinsic, delivered in a way that made me feel safe, closer to my spirit and Mother Divine." CW-Brighton

"I sought out Sarah as I was feeling completely mentally blocked. Deep down I knew the reason why but my session with Sarah helped to bring it to the surface and make me take action. A few days later I quit my job and as soon as I did I knew it was the best decision I ever made. Reiki with Sarah literally changed my course of life, for the better."    SF- London

"I have had 4 sessions with Sarah. As well as being professional and attentive, she has a hugely calming presence which helps me relax into the healing. I always feel distinct visceral movements of energy during our sessions, and her insights afterwards are always pertinent and usually relevant to things that have not been discussed beforehand. Her intuition is very on point. Very grounding, and I can't wait to continue our sessions."  TlP -London 

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