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Sarah Wheeler

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Thanks so much for contacting me. I look forward to replying as soon as I can

If you send me an email and/or sign up to the Reiki Renge mailing list then the only data I have from you is your email address.

If you come for a Reiki session then I have your name, address, number, email address, emergency contact details, GP information and your reason for seeking Reiki. I only collect data that is necessary.

Your data will be processed in a way that maintains security and confidentiality.

Your data will be held for 7 years, after which any written records from a Reiki session will be destroyed. Your email address will be kept so that you can be informed of upcoming events and offers, but you can unsubscribe from email newsletters at any point, just let me know.

I operate within the law and am transparent about my dealings with your data. Your data will not be passed to anybody else, unless you disclose to your GP that you have had Reiki. Your GP may want to ask me about a Reiki session you may have had, so that the they can support you with any treatment they are providing for you.

You have the right to see the data I have on you, just ask me and I can organise this within four weeks. If you want me to delete all information I have about you, just ask.